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Weight loss/Weight Gain Program

1 Month: 5000 PKR

2 Months: 9500 PKR

3 Months: 14000 PKR

Disease Specefic Program

1 Month: 6000 PKR

2 Months: 11500 PKR

3 Months: 17000 PKR

Muscle Gain/ Body Re-Composition Program

1 Month: 7000 PKR

2 Months: 13500 PKR

3 Months: 20000 PKR

We are currently offering above three packages ♥.

Help youself

To eat is a need, yet to eat astutely is a craftsmanship.

I'm a Dietician & Medical Nutritionist, providing online Diet consultations throughout the globe.

We are Offering Following

1 ) Weight Loss Diet Plan


2) Weight Gain Diet plan


3) PCOS Diet Plan


4) Diabetes Diet Plan


5) Fat loss + Muscle Buidling Diet plan

(Body Re-composition)

6) Fatty Liver Diet Plan


7) Lactating mother’s diet plan


8) Diet plan in pregnancy


9) Hypothyroidism diet plan

10) Gluten free diet plan


11) Diet plan for Uric Acid, Constipation, High Triglycerides & much more.



Eat Right, Live Well

Discover Life Long Health and Happiness!


Why Us

Most Trusted

Thousands of individuals worked with me and I offer the opportunity to connect with me online.

Our experience

With decades of experience, our professional staff have broad knowledge of community issues and needs.

You Need to Gain or Lose Weight

Fad diets may sound like the quick ticket to weight gain or loss, but they rarely work for very long. An RDN can suggest calorie sources for healthy weight gain. Or, design a personalized weight loss plan, including diet changes and physical activity — while still eating all your favorite foods.

Your Health is Priority

Dietitians provide food and nutrition information, and support people to improve their health.

You Have Digestive Problems

Working closely with you and your doctor, a registered dietitian nutritionist helps fine-tune your diet.

You Want Practical Lifestyle Advice

Need help sorting through the facts and fiction of nutrition headlines? Learn how to read labels at the supermarket, discover how healthy cooking can be inexpensive, learn how to dine out without ruining your eating plan and how to resist workplace temptations


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